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The Quarter Folding Mini-Trampoline

The Ultimate Rebound is currently being sold by The American Institute of Reboundology, Inc.  This injection molded plastic frame trampoline replaced the steel frame trampoline that used to be manufactured and sold by The American Institute of Reboundology, Inc. in quarter 2 of 2002.  This new trampoline, designed by me, brought many new innovative features to the mini-trampoline market.  Some of these features are:
  • A decrease in weight

  • Springs that are mounted into the frame to eliminate the need for a pad that covers the springs to protect the user

  • All in one composite construction

  • Legs that collapse into the frame of the trampoline to make for easier storage and to protect the equipment

I was brought to this project to solve some design issues.  Al Carter, the president of The American Institute of Reboundology, Inc. had been working with a design team of three on this new trampoline when I was hired.  Mr. Carter was concerned with the current design and wanted some fresh ideas.  After about a week, Mr. Carter was so pleased with my work that he let the rest of the team go.  Over the next few months I finished the design of the mini-trampoline and prepared design documents that were then taken to an overseas supplier to be readied for final production.  Mr. Carter was extremely pleased with my work.  The features that I was able to incorporate went beyond his expectations.

Click on any of the thumbnails bellow to get a larger view of the mini-trampoline.

The Ultimate Rebound

The trampoline completely unfolded and ready for use.   The trampoline completely folded and stored in its rolling carrying bag.

Collapsing the Ultimate Rebound


Step 1: Turn it upside down.   Step 2: Collapse the legs into the frame.  The legs are non-removable to prevent loss).
Step3: Fold the trampoline in half.   Step 4: Fold the trampoline in quarters.

Detail Pictures of the Ultimate Rebound

The springs are mounted into the frame to eliminate the need for a padded mat to cover them.   The metal rod that the spring is attached to is placed directly over the legs for excellent load transfer.
Half fold hinge.   Quarter fold hinge.
The leg in its extended position.   The leg fully collapsed.