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Matthew Bailey Strong


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  • Adept at big picture thinking and identifying process/product weaknesses
  • Self-starter; internally-motivated; organized with the ability to plan; leadership experience
  • Engineer and business education, training and experience; I am an engineer and a businessman
  • Facilitator of rapid problem solving in team environments; skilled writer and technical presenter
  • Strong customer focus with a keen ability to identify customer needs and translate them into product requirements
  • Quick to understand and learn new technologies and how they impact business
  • Ability to asses tradeoffs between features, schedules and costs allowing better and more efficient product design
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Project, Outlook, and FrontPage; Familiar with Solid Works, PDM Works, ProE, and ProMechanica, SQL, SPSS, SPlus, Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photo-paint, Pinnacle Studio; Can program in C, and HTML, and have experience programming microcontrollers in a variety of languages


Global Product Developer, ATL Technology, Springville, UT
Project Manager, Product Manager, Senior Design Engineer, Quality Engineer, and Business Development
October 2005 - Present
  • Successfully managed the company’s largest project to date (BOM with 600+ parts 5 levels deep) completing it on time and under projected costs by 5%
  • Coordinated the efforts of management, customer, manufacturing, engineering, quality, and purchasing to complete a project that will increase annual company revenues by roughly 35%
  • Conceptualized, pitched, developed, and produced a new product that delighted the customer and created a new substantial revenue stream for ATL
  • Translated customer needs into product requirements and performed experiments that enabled the customer to change requirements cutting product costs by nearly 50%
  • Successfully negotiated new business resulting in substantial annual revenue increases
  • Increased overall company efficiency by documenting procedures, providing training and implementing best practices.
Consulting, Self Employed, Pleasant Grove, UT
August 2005- December 2005
  • Performed industry analysis to identify growth opportunities in the coming decade for a local manufacturer of construction materials
  • Analysis was used to successfully secure funding for company expansion
Product Manager, Dynix, Provo, UT
Product Manager for new Software Module

July 2004 - August 2005

  • Successfully prioritized customer needs to map out product strategy for the next three years
  • Distilled customer and market input into design documents and successfully began development
  • Identified, organized and met all cross-departmental needs to ensure an easy product launch with well prepared staff resulting in a successful and on schedule product release
  • Developed new product concepts and presented them to upper management for resource allocation.
  • Diffused customer concerns in semi-weekly conference call while presenting product roadmap and functional details
  • Gained market “buy in” and stalled competitor’s sales by presenting product roadmap and functional details at industry tradeshows and other events
  • Enabled upper management to make strategic decisions by mining data from available sources and returning it in report format
  • Translated a software module into Spanish
Senior Operations Manager, Dynix, Provo, UT
Manager of Multiple North American Customer Support Groups
February 2004 - June 2004
  • Managed 28 direct reports split into two teams
  • Identified key metrics and developed, coded and implemented reporting tools that provided employees continual feedback on performance.  Results were:
o     Reduced backlog of open support issues by 50%
o     Cut response time to customer issues in half
o     Cut the resolution time to customer issues by 66%
o     Faster resolution of issues submitted by strategic customer and hot customer accounts
o     Eliminated work that was lost in interdepartmental exchange (“passing the buck”)
o     Timely information to upper management that enabled them to make staffing, organizational and training changes
  • Standardized employee titles, pay grades, and job descriptions enabling a standard for comparison when evaluating existing employees or new hires compensation
  • Worked interdepartmentally to resolve/prioritize product defects resulting in improved customer satisfaction
Manager, Dynix, Provo, UT
Manager of one North American Customer Support Group
March 2003 – February 2004
  • Managed 14 direct reports on a single team
  • Ended customer confusion about maintenance services provided during the life of a product by implanting a cradle-to-grave approach to services management; prepared all documentation for the end of life of Dynix products
  • Developed simplified documentation describing Dynix’s customer service offerings.  Results were:
o     Elimination of customer confusion about services they have or have not bought
o     Elimination of support staff confusion about services they were to provide
o     Elimination of the confusion of other departments in regard to the support services Dynix provides and empowered them to set proper customer expectations
  • Fixed contract language to establish clear expectations between Dynix and its customers in regard to support services and the means by which they are provided
  • Initiated two product recalls and worked with engineering to provide quick re-release of the product
  • Opened communication between customer support and engineering resulting in a doubling of the number of customer reported product defects fixed in each product release
  • Trimmed processes, trained staff and implemented new tools to increase productivity by 20%
  • Changed the operating hours of the support center resulting in better inbound phone coverage with reduced staff while improving response time to inbound calls by 25%
  • Removed legacy processes resulting in simplified processes and improved employee morale
  • Empowered employees to make their own decisions by providing them new tools and relevant data
Consultant, Governor Mike O. Leavitt, Salt Lake City, UT
Industry Analyst and Strategic Consultant
April 2001 – August 2001
·   Developed strategies for the State of Utah for its growth as a high-tech center
  • Identified significant industry players and successfully began negotiations for recruitment to the State of Utah
Product Development Consultant, Air Concepts Industries, Ontario, CA
Development of a New Consumer Product
January 2001 – April 2001
  • Led a team of 5 to gather and analyze market data using factor, cluster, conjoint and other statistical tools to develop product definitions and business case analyses for new consumer product
  • Created surveys and conducted interviews that made possible the establishment of product feature prioritization
Product Engineer, Strong Consulting, Provo, UT
Design and Development of a Collapsible Jogging Trampoline
July 2000 – September 2000
  • Developed all CAD drawings and design documents to facilitate overseas production
  • Exceeded expectations with innovative and cost saving features
Manager, B.L.O.C.K.S., Spanish Fork, UT
Manager and Head Instructor of a Martial Arts Studio
February 1997 – July 2000
  • Developed unique marketing strategies based on proprietary research resulting in a 500% increase in revenues
  • Created unique procedures, documents and reports that more than tripled customer feedback
  • Engineered and taught new service methods resulting in higher employee morale and customer satisfaction


Master of Business Administration, Marriot School of Management

Brigham Young University, Provo, UT

  • New product/business development and marketing

April 2002

Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering and Technology

Brigham Young University, Provo, UT

  • Design theory and product development

December 2002

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering and Technology

Brigham Young University, Provo, UT

April 2000

Other Accomplishments

·   Created a new method for evaluating a products ability to achieve its strategic objectives
·   Invented new technology to be used in commercial/military flight simulators
·   Designed an autonomous miniature forklift capable of delivering packages on a factory floor
·   Placed 4th out of 20+ in BYU Business Plan Competition 2002
·   Semi-finalist out of 100+ in the Utah Entrepreneur Challenge 2002
·   Managed a $1.2 million annual budget for housing and administration of 180 volunteers, cutting prior year costs


  • Martial arts, paintball, wake and snow boarding, rock-climbing, carpentry and metal work, performing in voice and theatre, computers, video games, and family.


  • Available upon request.