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Cricut Personal Cutter Pens

This product was my own brain child.  While working to bring the Cricut Personal Cutter into production I was thinking about ways to check the how well the machine was controlling the cutting head without having to using a blade to cut paper.  One of my ideas was to use a pen.  It didn't take long to realize that specially designed pens could be sold to the public for use with the Cricut.  These pens have been very successful with more than 250K sets of five pens sold to date and over a million sets of pens slated for sale in the first year.

This project required ATL to develop skills in sourcing inks and assembling pens (which it had never done before).  Provo Craft was happy to see that ATL was able to think of products and bring them to life that extended their ability to generate revenue while meeting consumer needs.