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Smartphone Charging Dock

At the time of writing this information, this product is currently not on the market.  It is still under development.  It is a data-transfer/power-charging dock for a use with a new smartphone that will soon be available from a large manufacturer of smartphones.  The dock ahs the following features:
  • Supports USB 2.0 data transfer rates
  • Uses a new industry standard connector called Micro USB
  • Charges the smart phone and a spare battery
  • Can accept power form the USB cable or from an AC power supply
  • Manages the power distribution so that the smartphone is always given charge priority over the spare battery
  • LED indicator to show the charge state of the spare battery
  • It is compatible with smartphones using the standard sized battery or the larger extend life battery
  • It is compatible with standard sized spare batteries and extended life spare batteries

This product had some unique challenges associated with the connector system and the need for the dock to work with both standard sized batteries and extend life batteries.  I was able to overcome these challenges by personal contributing and coordinating efforts between the customer, ATL US and ATL China.