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Personal Projects Lab

I am always working on something.  I have boxes of projects (some completed some still in the works) and note books full of product ideas.  On this page you will find descriptions of some of my most recent ideas and projects.  However, you will not see any information about my most promising ideas.  Because my best ideas have market potential I will not disclose any details about them on this page.

Brief Project List

Telecommunications project to monitor outgoing phone calls.
Paintball hopper/loader agitators.
Paintball gun.
"Rubber Band" gun.
New type of mechanical fastener.

Project Lab

When my wife and I decide to build a house I knew exactly what it had to include.  It wasn't a large closet, or a home theatre.  My home had to include a shop.  The first picture you see to the right is looking into my project lab from the garage.  My soldering station, bench grinder and other tools are visible in this picture.

The second picture to the right contains my favorite tool in my lab.  My 3 axis CNC mill that I use for prototyping and making parts.  Until I buy some good quality CAM software I will not be able to take full advantage of this machine but in the meantime I will continue to is it whenever I can.

The third picture to the right is of some of the other tools in the lab.  My scroll saw and air compressor are clearly visible in this picture.  I really like having shop air to both power and clean my tools.

I like having a lab where I can work on my inventions and creations.  I find it relaxing to work in the lab even when it is 90+ degrees out there.  And who knows, maybe someday I will make something that others will be willing to pay money for.