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Cricut Personal Cutter

This was the project that brought me to ATL.  This is the most complex project that ATL has ever done.  This device has over 600 parts and a Bill of Materials (BOM) that was 5 levels deep.  It contained stepper motors, springs, and analog and digital circuitry.
The Cricut Personal Cutter is a revolutionary machine designed by Provo Craft.  It brought all the functionality of a $6,000 industrial vinyl cutting machine to the retail market at a price of less than $300 aimed at the scrapbooking industry.
ATL was to be a second a source of these machines to Provo Craft.  I was both the project manager and the senior engineer on this project.  In 5 months I accomplished the following on this project working with my international team.
  • Reverse engineered the plastics
  • Redesigned the plastics for easier assembly
  • Made and qualified the injection molding tools
  • Sourced all the parts using new suppliers to ATL
  • Created an assembly line
  • Produced all packaging materials
  • Resolved quality issues preventing mass production from starting
  • Launched into mass production producing 1,200 units a day at a cost of 5% less than originally projected