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Microsoft Access Databases

Both during my time at Dynix and my time at ATL Technology I have found that the companies data tracking and reporting tools were not adequate.  After define my needs I requested the purchase of commercial software that would fulfill my needs.  In both cases my request was rejected but my need remained.  Although I had very limited exposure to Microsoft Access I love to learn new things.  I set aside a few hours a day and began coding my own Databases complete with Graphical User Interface.
While at Dynix I coded a Microsoft Access database that was able to connect to a remote server containing the companies the database to all the company's customer support information.   My database was then able to pull data, process the data, and provide a report at the touch of a button in five minutes that used to take many days to compile.
Most recently at ATL Technology I had a similar problem.  Since the company did not have a central location to log and store hours spent working on projects I decide to make one.  The two pictures you see below are of the ATL TSR (Time Summary Report).

The TSR allows many people to all be in the the database at the same time.  Once there, an employee can log the hours they spend working on projects for customers.  The simple interface has proven to help ATL record more data and do it more accurately than they have ever done in the past.  The information collected in the TSR has helped ATL to do more effective cost and resource planning by providing vital historical information for ROI analysis and project plans.