Weeks Forty-Two & Forty-Three
Sunday, September 14, 2003 through Saturday, September 28, 2003
Weight:      12 pounds 13 ounces
Oxygen:     NONE
Feedings:  Bottle feeding 22 calorie formula
Length:     25 inches
Bailey is no Longer on Oxygen.  For the first time in her life, she is not attached to anything.  I can pick her up and go out to the mail box without having to carry anything but her.  Stacey can run to the store quickly without having to lug what feels like the entire house with her.  We can put clothes on by going over her head for the first time ever!  I know these things might seem trivial, but they aren't.  We are very excited to have taken this step towards full recovery.  All she has left to do is catch up developmentally.
There isn't much more to report about Baileys' progress the past two weeks so I will skip right on to the pictures.  Bailey is growing just fine and we have no reason to doubt that she will continue to do so.  The first picture below is of Bailey eating her first graham cracker.  The second two pictures are of her asleep in her swing.
These two pictures were taken just a few hours after we got the official word that Bailey will no longer require oxygen.  During Bailey's test (that was given on Thursday night the 26th of September) she averaged 96% saturation.  We were very excited that she did so well.  This let us take her off oxygen without any worry that it might still be too soon.
We took these pictures the following day after the red spots on her cheeks had somewhat faded.  She loves to stand up now and can even stand up while holding onto something with close supervision.  She can't pull herself up but when put in a standing position next to a chair or some other piece of furniture she can hold herself up.
Bailey's cousin Jocelyn came down to visit and they took a bath together.  The third picture below shows that Bailey, just like every other kid, is fascinated with balloons.  This balloon was left over from my birthday.  Speaking of which, my birthday was September 23rd.  Stacey's is October 1st.  As far as I am concerned, Bailey gave the both of us the best birthday present we have ever received.
Goodbye to Regular Updates
Sunday, September 28, 2003
Now that Bailey is off of oxygen, I will no longer update this website on a regular basis.  You can count on things like birthday's, major events in Bailey's life, or, heaven forbid, any bad news being posted to this website.  However, this website will be here forever.  Feel free to refer anyone you know to this site that might be in a similar circumstance as we found ourselves in over 10 months ago.  It might provide some comfort or other information that might be useful.  You can also reach us at the email on the menu bar to the left.
Check back from time to time.  We have enjoyed sharing this experience with all of you.  We thank everyone for their love, prayers and support.  This has ended up being a truly meaningful experience.
These pictures were taken at Bridal Veil Falls in Utah where we went for a walk on the afternoon of Sunday, September 28th to celebrate not having to carry an oxygen tank anymore.