Week Thirty-Seven
Sunday, August 10, 2003 through Saturday, August 16, 2003
Weight:      11 pounds 12 ounces
Oxygen:     1/32 of a liter per minute
Feedings:  Bottle feeding 22 calorie formula
Length:     24.25 inches
Bailey is still on oxygen.  She is still at 1/32 of a liter and was steady at 90-91 % saturation when she was tested by her nurse on Thursday.  She also gained a little weight and grew a little.  As long as all of these trends continue I will be a happy father.
Bailey had another visit by her occupational therapist on Wednesday.  During her visit with Bailey she couldn't say enough good things about her.  However, Bailey's arms are a little week and she has a tendency to arch her back when on her belly instead of lifting her head with her arms to look around.  We were shown exercises to do with Bailey to work on these two things.
The first picture below is of Bailey sleeping.  She really likes to sleep on her side these days.  To get herself on to her side and stay there, she arches her back and then sleeps with her head cocked back.  The second picture below is of Bailey with her 95 year old Great Grandma Strong.  Great Grandma Strong lost her first baby many years ago.  The baby she lost was a little girl so she really identified with mine and my wife's situation with Bailey.  She was very supportive.  We will treasure this picture for many years to come.
Week Thirty-Eight
Sunday, August 17, 2003 through Saturday, August 23, 2003
Weight:      11 pounds 14 ounces
Oxygen:     1/32 of a liter per minute
Feedings:  Bottle feeding 22 calorie formula
Length:     24.5 inches
Bailey is still on oxygen.  I have grown tired of people always asking when she will come off.  I feel like saying, "She might not ever come off so don't ask!"  But I know that people are only trying to be polite so I simply say, "She is on the lowest setting.  Her nurse checks her every week and she could come off at any time.  However, her mom and I try not to think about it because it only makes us more anxious and there is nothing we can do to speed up the process."
Bailey grew a 1/4 of an inch and gained 2 ounces.  Bailey is getting much better at supporting her weight on her own legs.  She used to hate this but she is getting more used to it.
We took this week to introduce Bailey to all kinds of new tastes.  From the pictures below you can see that she tasted a Twix candy bar and a Orange Cream flavored ring pop.  She didn't eat either one but she did love the taste.  She also tried many different flavors of soda this week (with some protest from her mom.)
Bailey also spent time with her Aunt Katie (who is will be a Freshman this Fall at BYU) and got to know her.  This is good since Katie will be baby sitting from time to time.
Week Thirty-Nine
Sunday, August 24, 2003 through Saturday, August 30, 2003
Weight:      12 pounds
Oxygen:     1/32 of a liter per minute
Feedings:  Bottle feeding 22 calorie formula
Length:     24.75 inches
When Bailey's nurse came this week on Thursday her saturation was is the 95-97 range.  Because of this, the nurse called Bailey's pediatrician who scheduled another 24 hour saturation study for Thursday night.  The saturation machine only went off a few times during the night, but Stacey and I jumped to our feet each time it sounded.  It didn't make for a very good nights sleep.  In the morning we took the machine back to home health care who ran the report and sent it over to our Bailey's doctor.  We were very excited.  We checked the machine all through the night and Bailey's saturation was almost always above 90.  We were told by Bailey's nurse that babies who stay above 90 during the course of their study almost always come off oxygen.
When we didn't hear from the doctor Friday afternoon we started calling home health care and the doctor's office.  We were really anxious to get work that we could disconnect Bailey and be without oxygen for ever more.  After making a few phone calls, the doctor called us back and told us that we could not take Bailey off of oxygen.  The doctor (not bailey's regular pediatrician) said that she was borderline and that she wanted to see her stay on oxygen a little while longer.  We will test her again in a couple of weeks.  Bailey's nurse now comes every other week.
Bailey is now 12 pounds and gained 1/4 of an inch.
The pictures below are of Bailey playing with a toy that her Great Grams Crane gave to her.  She really enjoys kicking it with her feet and then hearing the noises it makes.
Weeks Forty & Forty-One
Sunday, August 31, 2003 through Saturday, September 13, 2003
Weight:      12 pounds 8 ounces
Oxygen:     1/32 of a liter per minute
Feedings:  Bottle feeding 22 calorie formula
Length:     25 inches
As you might have noticed, I skipped last week.  Because Bailey's nurse now comes every other week, I will only be posting news every other week.
As you can see from the information above Bailey has grown some.  Although she is growing slowly, I am happy as long as she continues to grow.  She may be small but I am optimistic that she will catch up to her full term size someday.  Sometimes it is hard not to get frustrated because she still can't sit up, or she still struggles rolling over, etc.  Mentally Bailey is all there.  She wants to sit up and look around but because she can't sit up on her own she has to be held.  I love my daughter, but it sure will be nice when she can sit up on her own.
Bailey got four more shots at the doctors.  I was standing close to her when the first shot was given.  Her eyes got real big and she looked at me as if to say, "What is going on and help me!"  By the time the second shot went in she was crying and the third and fourth shots made her body flinch and the crying get louder.  She quickly calmed down after words (a result of being stuck hundreds of times in the NICU).  I have to admit that I love comforting her when she is sad.
The pictures below are of Stacey and Bailey and me and Bailey and my preliminary 3rd degree black belt test.  In the first picture Bailey is looking at me in the mirror.  In the second picture she finally figured out that I was standing behind her.  The third picture is of me and Bailey just after my pre-test (which I passed).
The baby next to Bailey in these pictures is Tyson Haslam.  He was born one week after Bailey.  That's right, Bailey is one week older than Tyson.  I took these pictures to show how big Bailey would be if she was 9 months old and had been born at full term.
These pictures are of me and Bailey after being awarded my 3rd degree black belt.  I was going to test for my 3rd degree last spring, but with Bailey in the hospital there just wasn't enough time.  I could have made the time, but the cost would have been too high.  At that time I didn't want to spend time away from Stacey and Bailey to train for the test.  Bailey enjoyed sucking on my old second degree belt, and when I got close enough to her for her to grab my new belt she would quickly stuff it in her mouth as well.  Someday I hope to teach all of my children the martial arts.  My involvement in the martial arts has blessed my life in so many ways.