Week Twenty-Five
Sunday, May 18, 2003 through Saturday, May 24, 2003
Weight:      10 pounds
Oxygen:     1/16 of a liter per minute
Feedings:  Bottle feeding 24 calorie formula
Length:     21.5 inches
There isn't much to report this week.  Bailey's oxygen stayed at 1/16th of a liter per minute.  Like always, we turned Bailey's oxygen down to 1/32nd of a liter per minute an hour before the nurse got here on Thursday.  The nurse monitored her for about five minutes.  In order for Bailey to have stayed at 1/32nd her saturation would of had to have stay above 92%.  For the most part, Bailey's saturation was at 97%.  From time to time, it would drop into the 80's.  However, it only dropped when bailey was squirming and the monitor was reading correctly.  Oh well, although we are anxious to get Bailey off of oxygen it is always better to be safe than sorry.  I have no doubt that she will be dropped to 1/32nd next week.
Bailey now weighs 10 pounds!  She is eating 3 ounces on a regular basis and even rolled over once this week from her stomach to her back.  She has begun to grab at things in front of her face and has begun to demand more attention.  She loves to be talked to and to be played with.
She is still sleeping through the night and has begun to take longer naps.  Although, napping is not really her thing.  She really only takes good long naps if mom or dad lie down with her.
The following are a few random pictures from this past week.  Next week there should be more pictures.
Week Twenty-Six
Sunday, May 25, 2003 through Saturday, May 31, 2003
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Weight:      10 pounds 4.5 ounces
Oxygen:     1/16 of a liter per minute
Feedings:  Bottle feeding 24 calorie formula
Length:    21.5 inches
O.K.  I was wrong.  Bailey didn't go down to a 1/32nd of a liter of oxygen this week.  When she was tested on Thursday at a 1/32nd Bailey was asleep.  Still she would drop below 92% saturation from time to time, so the nurse told us to turn her back up to 1/16th.  I guess I'll just have to be more patient.
Bailey gained quite a bit of weight but didn't grow in length this week.  She is quite the cute and chubby little baby.  At her doctors appointment on Friday, the doctor told us to change her formula to a 20 calorie type.  We will spend the next week or so mixing Bailey's current brand of formula with the new brand so that we don't upset her stomach and so that she can get used to the taste.  Bailey will now regularly eat 3 to 4 ounces at each feeding.  She still only has one bowel movement a day and it's always a big one.  Once a day is fine with me.
Bailey has begun to act much older this week.  She demands much more attention and gets bored if she isn't played with or doesn't have some sort of toy to grab for.  Last week she learned how to bat at things in front of her face with her hands.  This week she learned to grab onto things that are in front of her face.  She even rolls over from her stomach to her back.  My favorite is that she now recognizes when her mom and I walk in and out of a room and follows us with her eyes.  The doctor said that these are all traits of a four month old.  Since Bailey is developmentally only three months old (this is calculated form her due date February 25th) this sort of behavior indicates that Bailey won't experience a lot of trouble catching up to her real age (six months).  Can you believe Bailey is 6 months old?  I have been a dad for six months!
Bailey got four shots during her visit to the doctor on Friday.  This brought on a slight fever Friday night and I made a late night trip to the store to get children's Tylenol.  She was cranky most of the day Saturday with a slight fever, but was feeling better by the days end on Saturday.
Memorial day was fun for our little family.  This was the first time that we spent a holiday with Bailey outside of the hospital and our home.  The first two pictures below show Bailey in her boating outfit.  We spent the day at my sister's house and on the lake wakeboarding.  While Bailey did not get in the water she enjoyed sleeping the entire time we were out on the boat (picture 3).  After a day on the lake, Bailey took a bath with her cousin Brooklyn (pictures 4-6).  All-in-all it was a fun day and Stacey and I really enjoyed our first "normal" holiday since Bailey's birth.  Maybe the next holiday will be cord free without any monitors of oxygen.
Bailey's doctor also told us that we could begin to take her out in public more as long as we avoided busy times (at places like the mall or the grocery store) and as long as we didn't let people get right up in her face.  We were excited for this news.  It brings a sense of a normal life arriving in the not too distant future.
Week Twenty-Seven
Sunday, June 1, 2003 through Saturday, June 7, 2003
Weight:      10 pounds 6.5 ounces
Oxygen:     1/32 of a liter per minute
Feedings:  Bottle feeding 22 calorie formula
Length:     22 inches
Bailey is finally at 1/32nd of a liter!!!  We are so excited.  The next time we turn her down we will turn her off.  We will try this out for the first time this Thursday an hour before the nurse comes.  Stacey will be able to walk around the house with nothing attached to Bailey for at least an hour this Thursday morning!
This last week we continued to mix Bailey's 24 calorie formula with her 20 calorie formula.  This new formula must be harder on her stomach though because she spits up a lot more than she used to.  I hope she gets used to it soon.
Bailey has become quite the talker.  She loves sitting in our lap and having us talk to her.  She waits her turn and then talks back smiling and laughing the whole time.  If we don't talk to her she lets us know.  She is a lot of fun and we look forward to her interactions becoming more mature.
We take Bailey on walks a couple of times a week and she REALLY likes being outside.  Sometimes, if she is upset, all I have to do is walk outside and she quiets down immediately.  We took Bailey out for the first time on Saturday.  We went to get something to eat and then to the mall (having a stroller is nice at the mall because you don't have to carry anything).  We went late on Saturday to both places so that there would be fewer people, but we were still very nervous.  My only comfort was in the fact that the doctor said is was O.K. to do this sort of thing on a limited basis.
The first two pictures below are of Bailey and me playing Nintendo.  Bailey loves to watch TV and likes her carrier.  By combining the TV with the carrier, as is shown in these pictures, I can even find some time to play Nintendo.  The middle three pictures are of an experiment.  I have tried this before and it doesn't work all that well.  I was trying to prop up Bailey's bottle so that she could feed herself.  Stacey thought is was funny and took these pictures.  I look forward to the day that she can hold her own bottle.  The last two pictures are of Bailey grabbing at things on her floor mat.  She usually uses her left hand to grab at the toys while holding tight to her clothes with her right hand, but lately she has begun to use her right hand more.  I hope she is right handed.  Life is just a little bit easier when you are right handed because everything is made for right handed people.
Next week Bailey is getting blessed in Church.  We are looking forward to this occasion and all the visits from family that come with it.
Week Twenty-Eight
Sunday, June 8, 2003 through Saturday, June 14, 2003
Weight:      10 pounds 8.5 ounces
Oxygen:     1/32 of a liter per minute
Feedings:  Bottle feeding 20 calorie formula
Length:     22.25 inches
Well, Bailey almost did well enough this week to qualify for her 24 hour test to see if she is ready to come off oxygen.  The nurse came on Thursday at noon.  Stacey turned Bailey's oxygen off at 11:00 AM.  As you might recall, Bailey's saturation must stay above 92% in order to stay at the new flow level (in this case the flow was turned to zero).  Bailey's saturation averaged about 95%.  Stacey then feed Bailey to see what would happen to her saturation level.  Bailey dropped to 90% - 91%.  We are optimistic that she will do well this week and that she will be off oxygen before our trip to California and Oregon during the first week of August.  Not having Bailey attached to an oxygen tank will make getting on an airplane much easier.
Bailey didn't gain much weight this week.  However, she filled her diaper right before the nurse came.  Stacey said the diaper weighed in at 4 ounces.
The first picture below is of Baileys Uncle Fudge and Aunt Amanda sitting on our couch together with Bailey.  The second picture is of Bailey asleep in her swing on Saturday morning.  The last picture is of Stacey and me at a US Women's National Soccer Game.  This was the first time we have ever gone on a date since Bailey came home.  We left Bailey with my mom and dad who were in town for Bailey's blessing.  We got home at about 11:00 PM to find a Bailey wide awake.  My mom said she wouldn't go to sleep and that she thought that Bailey was waiting for us to come home.  Bailey feel right asleep for Stacey.