Week Five
Sunday, December 29, 2002
Weight:     2 lbs. 9 oz. (1166 grams)
Feedings: 21 cc of Breast Milk (22 cal)
BM Morn: 1 yellow
Stacey held Bailey today.  Bailey wasn't handling being moved (although she loved being held) so I didn't get to hold her.  That's O.K. because Stacey didn't get to hold her yesterday.
Bailey is now down to one line (other than her breathing tube).  Her artery line pinched and had to be removed.  This meant that she no longer had any lines in her legs.  She loved having her legs free and moved them freely.  Also, her Percutaneous Intravenous Catheter (PIC ) line clotted and had to be removed.  This catheter went in her right wrist, up her arm, across her chest and to her heart.  It had been in her arm for almost three weeks.  She was very happy to finally have her arm free and waved it freely in the air.
As soon as the IV in her left hand comes out she will be line free.  This means that we will be ale to give her a bath in a small tub instead of with a cotton ball.
Monday, December 30, 2002
Weight:     2 lbs. 9.25 oz. (1170 grams)
Feedings: 23 cc of Breast Milk and began adding full fortifier (24 cal)
Head:       26.5 cm
BM Morn: 1 yellow
BM Eve:    3 yellow
Bailey is now just about double her birth weight.  If you don't believe me, compare current pictures to the ones taken just 3 hours after birth.
Grandma and Grandpa Strong got to hold Bailey today.  She loved being held by them and all her vital signs remained stable while they cuddled and sang to her.
Bailey was also moved to a knew bed.  This new bed helps maintain Bailey's body temperature and keeps her better isolated from sound and light so that she can sleep.  She was so comfortable in her new bed that she stretched out and went right to sleep.
Bailey also had another Echoencepalography which showed no cranial bleeding.
Tuesday, December 31, 2002
Weight:     2 lbs. 12 oz. (1249 grams)
Feedings: 26 cc of Breast Milk (24 cal)
Ab. Girth: 24 cm
BM Update: Bailey's Bowel Movements have become regular.  As such, I will no longer mention them unless something changes.
When we got to the hospital today, they told us that Bailey had a rough night.  The secretions in her lungs forced the respiratory therapist to turn her air mixture to100% oxygen and to turn up her ventilator settings.  The settings were still set high at 2:20 pm when Stacey left the hospital.  They also had to pull the IV in her left hand and put a new one in her right hand.
By the evening, Bailey was doing a little better.  The nurses asked if we would hold her for a little while because she always seems to do better when we hold her.  We said yes without any hesitation.  Stacey held her first.  I held her through the beginning of the new year.  We brought Martinelli's Sparkling Cider, fake plastic Champaign glasses, and hats for the nurses and respiratory therapists.  They enjoyed it.  We watched fireworks out the fifth floor window of the NICU and enjoyed spending the time with Bailey and my parents.  Bailey was wide awake for the new year and opened up both eyes for the occasion.
Wednesday, January 1, 2003
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Weight:     2lbs. 12 oz. (1247 grams)
Feedings: 26 cc of Breast Milk (24 cal)
Bailey is one month old today!
Bailey was doing even better today.  In fact, she was feeling so good that when her mom took her diaper off to give her a cotton ball bath she had a little "squirt" poop that got mom's hand and the inside of her Isolette bed.  It smelled terrible.
After her bath we put clothes on her for the first time.  To commemorate the occasion we took some pictures.  You can also click here to download a small MPEG video clip of Bailey blinking and waving her left arm around.  If this link doesn't work, right click on the link and choose the "Save Target As..." option to save the movie to your computer.
They also had to move Bailey's IV from her right hand to her left foot.  In addition, they began giving Bailey oral medications so that they will be able to remove her last line as soon as she is done receiving her antibiotics.  This means that she will be given Valium orally instead of IV Versed when she needs to calm down.
Thursday, January 2, 2003
Weight:     2 lbs. 12.5 oz. (1263 grams)
Feedings: 26 cc of Breast Milk  (24 cal)
Bailey had a good day today.  The doctors also told us that her direct Billy Ruben (a measure of how well her liver is working) was assessed today at 2.0.  Three weeks ago it was 5.7.  This change is due to the fact that she no longer receives IV feedings.
Friday, January 3, 2003
Weight:     2 lbs. 11 oz. (1224 grams)
Feedings: 26 cc of Breast Milk (24 cal)
Ab. Girth: 25 cm
Bailey had an alright day.  Her oxygen needs have been swinging because of secretions in her lungs.  They are keeping a close eye on her.
Today should be the last day of her IV antibiotics.  This means that they should take out her last line tomorrow.
Saturday, January 4, 2003
Weight:     2 lbs. 12 oz. (1252 grams)
Feedings: 26 cc of Breast Milk (24 cal)
Ab. Girth: 24 cm
Bailey's oxygen needs increased again, and were erratic.  Also, her chest x-ray didn't look good.  As a result, they removed her breathing tube and deep suctioned her lungs.  Her oxygen needs became lower and more stable.  Stacey got to dress her up again in a little outfit.  She can hardly wait to get Bailey home so that she can dress her in cute little things all the time.  All the linens in the picture used on Bailey's bed were made by her mom.