Bailey and the entire UVRMC NICU can always use linens.  These linens are used to cover mattresses, swaddle babies, cover babies, etc.  If you would like to send some linens to us we will be happy to do with them as you ask.  If you would like us to keep them and use them for Bailey throughout her life, we will.  If you would like us to use them for Bailey and then donate them to the hospital when Bailey comes home, we will do that too.  We would even be happy to deliver them directly to the NICU for all to use.
Linens can be sent to:
Bailey Michelle Strong
1463 W 2100 N
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
Please be sure to include instructions on what you would like us to do with the linens you send.
Linens should be made using either 100% cotton, flannel, or fleece.  There are three sizes of linens used in the NICU.  The first is a large linen used to cover the mattresses.  The second is a much smaller linen used to swaddle and cover the babies.  The third is a sock type linen that is used to cover the foam placed around the babies to help contain them on the bed.  This foam piece is sometimes called a bendy bumper.  Blankets and quilts of all types, fabrics, and sizes are also used.  Feel free to send whatever you like.
Large Linen
Approximately 44" x 36"
When my wife made some of these all she did was buy a yard of 44" wide fabric, double fold the edges, and sew with a simple straight stitch.
Small Linen
Approximately 22" x  18"
Same thing here.  Buy one yard of 44" wide fabric, cut it into four rectangles, double fold the edges and straight stitch.
Bendy Bumper Sock (Two Sizes)
36" x 6" (when folded 36" x 3")
Fold in half and stitch so that you end up with a tube of material that is 36" long and 3" wide, closed at one end and open at the other.  Like a pillow case.  A simple double fold and straight stitch to finish the open end of the tube is all that is necessary.
50" x  10" (when folded 50" x 5")
Follow the same directions listed above.