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TIP #1:  My screw heads are stripped.  What do I do?
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If this hasn't happened to you yet, it will happen eventually.  None of the ATS guns use standard slotted or phillips-head screws.  Instead, they use screws that are made to be turned using allen keys.  While I must admit that the allen screws give ATS guns a very polished look, they can be easy to strip (especially the tiny ones used to hold the two halves of the clip together).  The solution is simple, but it requires a Dremel rotary tool (or similar type of rotary tool).  Using a Dremel 540 cutting disk cut a slot in the top of each of the screw heads.  The unaltered screw has no slot and can not be turned using a screw driver.  The altered screw has a slot and can be turned using a screw driver.  This can be done to every screw on the gun if you like.  I own five magazines and I have done this mod to all the screws on those clips and all of my spare magazine screws.

NOTE: If the screw head is stripped and the screw is still in the magazine/gun, cut a shallow slot in the head being careful to not cut the magazine/gun.  Cut just deep enough to remove the screw.  Once you have removed the screw make a deeper slot that is more accommodating to your screwdriver.

WARNING: While cutting the slot, the screw will get hot.  Make sure to cut slow enough that the screw doesn't get hot enough to melt the magazine/gun, or burn you.  Make sure to wear safety goggles.

TIP #2: I can't push in my decoupling pin.  How do I take my gun apart?
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There are two problems that usually prompt an ATS gun owner to ask this question.  The first problem is caused by a part missing from the gun.  The second problem is caused by a misalignment of the internal parts of the gun.  These two problems are not mutually exclusive.  In other words, you can one or both of these problems at the same time.  To fix both of these problems follow the steps below.

STEP 1:  Determine if your gun is missing parts.  Look at the left side of your gun just to the rear of the guide plate.  If your gun looks like this, you are not missing parts.  Go to step 2.  If your gun looks like this, you are missing parts.  The part you are missing is made up of three parts (the coupling button, the button cover and a spring) but I will refer to these three parts simply as the coupling button.  Missing these parts is not necessarily a bad thing.  In fact, when I purchased my AT-4 the gun was sent to me without the coupling button.  The purpose of the coupling button is to allow you to decouple the coupling assembly from the cog pull (see exploded views) using only your finger.  Once decoupled the rear housing can be removed from the rest of the gun if the proper screws have been removed from the gun (see owners manual).  Unfortunately, the presence of the coupling button also allows the cog pull to be accidentally decoupled from the coupling assembly causing your gun to not function properly.  All ATS guns can still be decoupled even without the presence of the coupling button requiring only a thin rod (like a small allen wrench).  Because there is no good reason to ever decouple your gun unless you are disassembling the gun, and, because you will always have tools present when disassembling the gun, I prefer that my guns do not have the coupling button because its absence eliminates the possibility of accidental decoupling.

To decouple a gun that does not have a coupling button, use a small allen wrench to push the meal surface visible through the hole that would normally be occupied by the coupling button as can be seen by clicking here.  If this doesn't allow the rear housing to separate from the rest of the gun proceed to step 2.

STEP 2:  Aligning internal components.  The coupling assembly is attached to the end of the piston rod.  If the piston rod is not advanced all the way forward, the coupling assembly will not be in the right position to permit decoupling with or without the coupling button.  If you tried to do step 1 but there was no visible metal surface through the coupling button hole, or your coupling button is present but not working, do the following.  Point the barrel of the gun towards the ground. Slowly move the gun a few inches towards the ground and then jerk it up towards the sky with a quick motion.  If done correctly, this will jerk the bolt of your gun forward moving the coupling assembly into proper alignment.  Be sure that you are not holding the coupling button down while jerking the gun or this will not be as effective.