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This is where you will find technical information relating to ATS series guns.  Information about modifications as well as tech tips can be found here.  You will not find answers to trouble shooting questions her because the ATS owners manual already provides a comprehensive look into those types of issues.  The owners manual can be downloaded here.  Please consult your owners manual before asking a trouble shooting question.  If you have a questions that has not been addressed here or in the owners manual, email them to me and I will find an answer and post it on this site.  You can also post your questions on the ATOG discussion group.

In addition to the ATS owners manual you can download an almost complete set of exploded views of all the ATS guns by clicking here.  Please refer to this document to identify parts by name.

Tools needed for regular maintenance:
  • Allen wrenches (.05", 1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 3/16")
  • Needle nose pliers
  • 1/16" push pin
Oil for use with ATS series guns:
  • ATS approved oil only.  Other oils may swell the internal seals or attack the materials the guns are made of.  Anything petroleum based, penetrating, or designed for metals can degrade the materials and cause failure.
  • Because ATS has a minimum purchase on all orders it is a good idea to order an extra bottle with every order you place to ATS (unless you have four spare bottles like me).
Grease to be used on the Guide Plate:
  • Any high temperature lithium grease rated as safe on plastics.  ATS uses Replex multi-purpose lithium complex grease from Century Lubricants Co.  The color of the grease does not matter.
Oiling the Magazine:
  • ATS applies Tri-flow to all new chains.  No additional applications should ever be needed unless the magazine gets sand of fine dirt in it.  In this case clean the chain and apply an extremely light oil to the chain.
  • NOTE: Be sure to always clean paint-fill from the outside and the inside of the magazine as soon as possible.  Excess exposure can cause the plastic magazine halves to weaken.
  • The adhesive that ATS uses to attach the flattop rail to all ATS guns is LocTite number 410.
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