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On this page you will find pictures of ATS guns in action.  If you have seen an ATS gun in action and have a picture(s) of the encounter email your picture(s) to me by clicking here.  Please include the date, location, and a description of the encounter.  DO NOT forget to attach the picture(s) to the email!!!

Aug 2003:  This is a picture of Kirt Trairatana (ATOG #042).  He was playing a simple game of attack and defend on a two story building when he was captured on film by one of the referees.  His team won this game.  He said he loves using his AT-4 and is always answering questions about his gun.  You gotta love the attention given to those of us who use ATS guns.
July 2003:  This picture was submitted by Larry Larrabure.  It was taken in San Jose Costa Rica in a large urban field surrounding an abandoned hotel.  He claims that just after this picture was taken he eliminated two opposing players.  I don't know about the rest of you but I would love to play with my AT-4 in an abandoned hotel!
June 2003:  This picture was sent to me by Mic Chow (ATOG #014).  It was taken a the GI Joe Game held in Memphis, TN.  This picture is of the Crimson Guards with the Cobra Commander.  Everyone in this picture is holding an ATS gun!  Awesome!!!
March 2003:  This picture was taken at the Memphis Paintball's Mars Attacks game.  The person in the picture is Mic Chow (ATOG #014).  Although the picture is quite small you can still make out the isolate of the AT-85 that he is carrying.  AT guns are a huge hit at scenario games.
March 2003:  This picture appeared in the March 2003 edition of Action Pursuit Games on page 77.  The picture is part of an article called "Memphis Saved! Alien horde defeated at paintball park."  The guy in the black suit in the center of the picture is holding an AT-85.  I have been told that the person in this picture is Randy Angel (ATOG #015)
August 2002: AT-85 spotted in use at the WPPL (Wasatch Paintball Players League) 24 hour scenario game held in Ogden, Utah in August of 2002.  The name of the scenario game was Aliens in the Rockies 3.  This is a picture of one of the aliens who is armed with an AT-85.  The organizers of this event can be found at Millennium Paintball.
August 2002:  This picture appeared in on page 135 of the August 2002 edition of Action Pursuit Games Magazine.  The picture was part of a article covering a scenario game in Canada.  The person in the picture is identified in APG as the leader of the Puritan Team.  Kudos to him for carrying an AT-85 onto the field.
February 2002: This picture appeared on page 220 of Action Pursuit Games Magazine.  The guy on the far left is holding an AT-85 with a hopper attached to a SAW magazine.  This big game took place at West Point and was put on by the cadets as a fund raiser.