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04.27.03 ATS has cut all prices!  All ATS gun prices are now reduced.  Visit the factory site to see the new price structure.  Owning the best Paintball guns in the world has never been more affordable!
02.12.03 ATS is offering the best deal ever!!! It is a buy one get one free deal that cannot be passed up.  Be sure to visit the HOT DEALS section of their website to place your order.
12.12.02 TLC shows irresponsible use of paintball on a "Dating Story."  Please send them a letter to inform them of your concern by clicking here.  For a PDF copy of what I wrote click here.
11.03.02 HUGE savings on ATS guns.  These are all Christmas specials that are good up till the 20th of December.  Go to the ATS website and click on the red "Hot Deals" button in the top right corner of page.  There are BIG savings to be had here!  You also get a FREE t-shirt with every order.
10.31.02 Sign the petition to protect the rights of paintball participants in the state of NY by clicking here.
10.06.02 Fun Supply just sent me an email to inform me that they have dropped their price on the M4 Stock and the R2000s regulator.  The new price of the stock is $80 and the new price of the R2000s regulator is $45.  I don't know how long this price drop is in effect so take advantage of it now.  The look of an ATS gun with the M4 (CAR) Stock with straight ASA is awesome!