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ATS Related Links:
ATS Website Manufacturer of the ATS guns.  You can buy factory direct from this site.
ATS Discussion Group Question and answer board that is dedicated to ATS guns.
TSOOG Owners Group Before it was called the AT-85 it was called the TS-1.  This is the TS-One-Owners-Group.
Fun Supply ATS guns can be purchased here as well as other types of air guns and airsoft guns.  Manufacturer of the M4 Stock (similar to the CAR Stock on the ATS website) and seller of the R2000s regulator.

Other Paintball Links:

ACI Manufacturer of the 68/45 Bulldog II HPA system.  This tank has a five year certification, and is fully serviceable by the owner.  Not to mention it works beautifully with the ATS series of guns and can be purchased for right around $200!
WarPig The place to go for paintball information.  They have great write-ups on all aspects of the sport.  They cover everything from scenario paintball to tournament play, as well as do product reviews.
Paintball Reviews A good site to go to to hear what people have to say about different paintball gear.  Click here to see what people say about the AT-10.  Click here to see what people have to say about the AT-85.