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Show you are a proud ATS gun owner
and member of the ATOG with
Custom Jewel Stickers:

These two stickers are made to fit right into that rectangular indentation on the grip of all ATS guns.  These are high quality stickers that are coated with a cured resin that not only makes them look cool, it also protects the sticker from harsh weather and scratching.  These jewel stickers are identical to the ones seen on other paintball equipment.  You will not be disappointed with these stickers.  The background is a metallic black and the lettering is metallic red (sorry that it looks a little pink in the ATOG picture above-right).  These stickers not only add to the appearance of your gun, they also make it easily identifiable from the ATOG number.

Click here to see the "GET REAL" sticker in place on an AT-85 with bottom line.
Click here to see the "ATOG" sticker in place on the same AT-85.

Directions for Ordering:

NOTE: Paintball Jewels is no longer in business.  These forms no longer work.  I am trying to find another company that will make these stickers for ATOG members.  I will update this page as soon as I find one.  If you have any information about a company that will do small orders of jewel stickers please contact the webmaster.

STEP #1 (Place Order):  Click here to go to Paintball Jewels and place an order for your stickers.  On this page all you need to do is enter the quantity of stickers you want to buy and click "Add to Cart."  Follow the instructions to complete the order.  Be sure to make note of your order number so that you can include it in step 2 below.

STEP #2 (Send Graphics Info):  Fill out the form below and click submit.  All the needed information as well as graphics data will be sent to Paintball Jewels.  Please specify the number of each type of sticker you ordered in the provided fields below.  If you have any special instructions or questions for Paintball Jewels include them in the Additional Instructions field below.
Confirm Email:
Date of Order (MM/DD/YY) :
Order Number::
# of ATOG stickers:
# of "GET REAL" stickers:
Additional Instructions:


NOTE: I make no money from the sale of these stickers.  I have been working with the manufacturer of these stickers to ensure that anyone who wants to order them can purchase them direct from the manufacturer.  I do not make any promises as to the quality of the stickers, although mine look beautiful, or the timeliness with which your order will be filled.  I am simply passing information along to you, the member of the ATOG.